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To nominate for a Queensland team  follow these instructions

Step 1 - Register with HQMM at the following link (use Renew button if you play club hockey) using last name date of birth and National ID if you have it.

Step 2 - Login with your username and password

Step 3 - Nominate for Queensland in your correct age group at the following link

Common Mistakes
People try Step 3 before step 1 - Easily fixed Do Step 1&2 first.

People try to reset password without being registered with HQMM. This results in you waiting for a password reset that never comes - Easily fixed Do Step 1 First then do password reset then do Steps 2&3

People's names don't appear on the Who's Going Page for the Nomination - Easily fixed Do Step 3 after Steps 1&2

You can't register/ renew as it says potential duplicate. Ring your club ask for the National ID Number and include that in when you try Step 1 and then do Step 2 &3.

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