Team Names

At Queensland Men's Masters there has been a long history of mascots and team names. Below is the designated lists. If you can assist in completeing the table please email

Team  Mascot / Logo
40's Crocs
40's Div 2 Maroon Canecutters
40's Div 2 Gold Mudcrabs
45's Tomahawks
45's Div 2 Maroon Barras
45's Div 2 Gold Salties
50's  Spartans
50's Div 2 Maroon Sharks
50's Div 2 Gold Krookaburras
55's Div 2 Maroon Cyclones
55's Div 2 Gold Great Whites
60's  Red Emperors
60's Div 2 Maroon Dolphins
60's Div 2 Gold Stingrays
65's  Razorbacks
65's Div 2  


Files available for download

Barras png
Barras png


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